BoR Daily Digest | Business of Valentine’s Day, Showrooming: A Lesser Threat, State of The Union & Retail, Scanther’s Kit For Social Media, Stop Selling Ads


Valentine’s Day 2013: What’s Behind This $18.6 Billion Holiday –

“Valentine’s Day–a holiday with origins in a third-century beheading, stoning and ritualized beating of a recalcitrant priest–is today a $18.6 billion event. For retailers, it’s the first bit of pleasantness since Christmas; the period between the two holidays is usually marked by a lull and few shoppers. More than $4 billion will be spent on jewelry alone, at places like Tiffany and Signet. And, according to the National Retail Federation, an equal number of shoppers will head to department stores (a boon for Macy’s and J.C. Penney’s) as to discount outlets. Though, we pity the lover who shops exclusively at Wal-Mart.”

‘Showrooming’ a lesser threat than once thought –

“The study […] investigated the role and impact of mobile on “showrooming” — the practice of examining merchandise in a traditional brick-and-mortar retail store only to shop online for the same item, often at a lower price. The results are surprising, Freed noted. While nearly 70% of survey respondents reported using a mobile phone while in a retail store during the 2012 holiday season, most of those consumers (62%) accessed that store’s site or app. But the competitive threat of showrooming still exists, as 37% reported accessing a competitor’s site or app.”

State of the Union proposals carry wide impact for retail industry –

” ‘We [NRF] have repeatedly called on Congress and President Obama to make the economy and job creation their top priority, so we are very pleased to see these goals emphasized by the President,’ NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said after the speech. […] In recent weeks leading up to the State of the Union, NRF has proposed principles for tax reform that would boost the economy and job creation, urged lawmakers to make jobs their top priority, and warned that short-term fixes for the deficit should not be allowed to undermine long-term tax reform that will help create jobs.”

Announcing Scanther, the Smart Sign and Mobile Website Kit for Social Media Marketing –

“Austin-based Scanther has just launched its Social Media Smart Sign and Mobile Website Builder product line. Scanther is a new line of retail boxed products, ideally suited for businesses that have a physical location, such as restaurants, bars, coffee shops, clothing stores and most types of retailers. […] Scanther is a complete solution-in-a-box for businesses that need more reviews, likes, follows, and check-ins on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yelp and other social media sites.”

Stop Selling Ads and Do Something Useful –

“For a few wonderful years, while big agencies slept with their backs to the Web, we did incredible work for major brands — not ads, but content experiences that delivered utility. We knew, as my Modem Media boss G.M. O’Connell once said, that, ‘People read newspapers, listen to the radio, and watch TV, but they go to the Web to get things done.’ […] Before long, content and utility were corrupted by the only thing big agencies understood: reach and frequency. We were back to delivering what TV spots, radio spots, and print ads had delivered for years: sales messages. The rest, as they say, is history. But this is a very interesting time. There’s a perfect storm building that will give us all the chance to redeem ourselves, and change the course of advertising forever.”


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