BoR Daily Digest | Microsoft Dynamics, 5 Mobile Apps Changing E-Commerce, Next Generation of Retailing, Powerful Showrooming Tool, Successful Multichannel Strategy

Microsoft Woos Retailers with End-to-End, Profit-Boosting Apps –

“Microsoft is working hard to meet the demands of retailers, from the largest global chains down to local retail stores and SMBs, offering a host of entreprise tools that equip businesses to implement effective customer-centric strategies. Indeed, Microsoft is promising that its enterprise solutions can help retailers increase their efficiency, empower their employees, optimize operations, and also take advantage of consumer insights.

5 Mobile Apps That Are Changing The Face Of eCommerce –

“In 2013, the hottest, most in-demand mobile apps will be less about launching birds at pigs and more about delivering a completely interactive, mesmerizing experience that engages shoppers at every level. With that in mind, here are five innovative eCommerce apps that are changing the way we compare, shop, browse and connect (and what you can learn from them!)”

The Next Generation of Retailing Driven By Automated, Self-Service Solutions –

“A recent article in the Harvard Business Review stated that every decade there are one or two innovations that change the game and profoundly influence the entire industry. “The 1980s were the Walmart decade, with its new use of IT, supply chain innovation, and pricing. The Gap reinvented the specialty store in the 1990s with a narrow assortment of private-label goods and a novel presentation and store experience. […] Moving forward, the future of retailing will be a continued expansion of small, inexpensive micro-stores and automated retailing centers. ”

The most powerful showrooming tool is a store associate, prepare for consumers to charge for their data, and more –

“Consumers are going to use consult digital resources when shopping offline, period. Retailers, it’s time to join them! Arm your in-store sales reps with the same tools consumers are using themselves. Make your associates part of the showrooming experience to combine the human touch shoppers enjoy in brick-and-mortar stores with the wealth of information available through mobile.”

Q&A: John Lewis on the ingredients of a successful multichannel retail strategy –

“As less forward-thinking retailers have gone under in the past couple of weeks, John Lewis has been a high street success story, thanks in no small part to its multichannel approach. The retailer achieved a 44% increase in retail sales over Christmas, so what lessons are there for other retailers?


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