BoR Daily Digest | Top 8 Difunct Retailers, Amazon’s Future In Logistics, Future of Retail Industry, Top 10 Digital Issues, Synqera Retail Solution


The 8 Retailers That Will Shut Down The Most Stores This Year – 

“It is the time of year again, when America’s largest retailers release those critical holiday season figures and disclose their annual sales. A review of these numbers tells us a great deal about how most of the companies will do in the upcoming year. And while successful retailers in 2012 may add stores this year, those that have performed very poorly may have to cut locations during 2013 to improve margins or reverse losses.”

Amazon’s Future Is Not in Selling Stuff — And That’s a Good Thing –

“During Amazon’s wonkish earnings call this week, Chief Financial Officer Tom Szkutak revealed a number that offered a surprising glimpse into the company’s ambitious future — a future where Amazon doesn’t sell stuff. At least not directly. In the Q&A with analysts, Szkutak said that a full 39 percent of the “product units” sold on Amazon during the most recent quarter were from third-party sellers, up from 36 percent a year earlier. ”

Fasten Your Seatbelts: The Future Of Shopping Looks A Lot Like Airline Travel –

“Airlines learned long ago that travelers will switch to another carrier to save a few bucks, so today’s pricing model is built on cheap tickets plus a growing array of value-added extras. The model shows the seeming contradiction of bargain-hungry consumers who are willing to pay extra for things they value, and it’s likely to replicate itself in the retail world in the coming years as digital tools put shoppers in the driver’s seat, writes Orbitz founder and 20-year American Airlines veteran Jeff Katz.”

The Top Ten Burning Issues in Digital –

“To kick off the meeting I reviewed what I consider to be the top ten “burning issues” in digital, based on what we at comScore have observed while providing data and analytics to more than 2,000 companies around the world. […] Here are my top ten burning issues in digital: 1. Big Data, 2. e-Commerce, 3. Social Media, 4. Shift of Ad Spending to Digital, 5. Audience Targeting vs. Media Location, 6. Measuring Digital Media Campaigns, 7. Growth of Smartphones & Tablets, 8. Multi-Platform Media Planning & Analysis, 9. Real-Time Marketing Insights, and 10. Privacy.”

Synqera Unveils its Ground-breaking Retail Solution to US audience at National Retail Federation Show –

“Synqera, a global technology start-up has returned to Europe after successfully launching its pioneering retail solution at the National Retail Federation’s 102nd Annual Convention & EXPO in New York. Synqera introduced to US retailers a first of its kind – an in-store marketing and multi-function payment solution, which utilises customer preferences, behaviour, demographics and purchasing information in real-time to maximise each unique customer’s value.”


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