BoR Daily Digest | Kohl’s to implement Oracle Retail solution, Juniper’s mobile spending predictions, India online market growth predictions, Amazon’s review problem, Data tools for rapid-fire price changes


Kohl’s Selects Oracle Retail to Enable Commerce Anywhere –

“As retailers move quickly to provide commerce anywhere, anytime, the Oracle Retail suite of applications helps to streamline operations and enable the delivery of a cohesive, personalized retail experience,” said Mike Webster, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Retail. “By selecting the Oracle Retail platform, Kohl’s is laying the foundation for growth today and in the future.”

Retailers expected to invest $55B annually in mobile by 2015 –

“In Juniper’s “Retail mCommerce: Mobile & Tablet Marketing, Advertising & Coupon Strategies 2013-2017” report, the research house looks at how retailers will ramp up their mobile initiatives to drive in-store traffic and online sales over the next few years. In addition to traditional commerce-driving methods, the report also points to the growth in augmented reality and near-field communications as sales drivers.”

India’s online retail market could double in size –

“Compared to the more mature and far bigger online retail markets in the U.S. and Europe, India’s e-commerce sales are relatively small. They are estimated at about $1.6 billion by market research firms such as Forrester Research Inc. and some Indian e-commerce venture capital firms. But the Indian direct-to-consumer e-commerce market is likely to double in size to more than $3 billion within three years, and could grow to reach $15 billion by 2017, says Avnish Bajaj, co-founder and director of Matrix Partners India, one of India’s most established e-commerce venture capital firms.”

How Amazon Should Fix Its Reviews Problem –

“Amazon has trust issues. It relies on its users to review its products, and those users rely on each other’s reviews in making their purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to books. Yet to say that user-generated reviews on Amazon (and around the Web in general) are an untrustworthy measure of quality is a massive understatement.”

Retailers Embrace Data Tools for Rapid-Fire Price Changes –

“Don’t like the price you’re seeing on a coffee maker or a toothbrush? Try waiting five minutes. That lesson is starting to dawn on consumers as retailers embrace technologies that allow them to make rapid-fire price changes on an hourly or even minute-by-minute basis.”


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