BoR Daily Digest | 5 anti-showrooming strategies, Daymon Worlwide’s 13 top global retail trends, Bronto remarketing software, JC Penney’s new pricing strategy, Pepsi-Bud Superbowl collaboration, 3 things Apple Must Do


PepsiCo-Bud Superbowl collaboration

Andrew Cherwenka: 5 Retail Technology Approaches to Combat Showrooming

“Showrooming was a big topic at last week’s National Retail Federation (NRF) Expo in NYC. A growing number of shoppers are researching their purchases in-store then buying later online, which would be fine if the sale went to that retailer. [..] Five approaches stood out from discussions with some of the 500+ attending technology vendors hoping to help retailers reverse the trend.”

Global Retail Branding And Sourcing Expert Daymon Worldwide Releases 2013 And Beyond Global Retail And Sourcing Predictions – Daymon Worldwide

“Daymon Worldwide, the only end-to-end global retail branding and
sourcing company, released its Global Retail Trend Predictions for 2013 and beyond, offering insider intelligence gleaned from its international team of retail and insights experts.”

Bronto Remarketing Engine Slices and Dices Retail Customer Preferences – E-Commerce News

“Segmentation helps marketers create more-focused messages that can actually appear very personalized, depending on how deep the marketer drills down. […] Bronto Software this week released a significant update to its Bronto Marketing Platform: a remarketing engine that helps retailers link online and in-store purchases in order to create targeted email messages that speak to the individual user.”

JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson pushing manufacturers to make up fake ‘regular prices’ higher than store price –

“Fake prices are coming back at JCPenney, and this time they’ll be more fake than ever. In a fresh bid to highlight Penney’s prices as low, CEO Ron Johnson is pushing some manufacturers to concoct phony suggested retail markups for their clothing, sources told The Post.”

Social-Media Analysis Finds Pepsi-Bud Mashup Makes Sense | Special: Super Bowl – Advertising Age

“PepsiCo and A-B InBev took the unusual step of uniting their brands in retail promotions surrounding the Super Bowl this year. But how much sense does the mashup make?”

Three Things Apple Must Do to Regain Its Momentum – Forbes

“Apple reported its best quarter in history and met or exceeded estimates on all counts except Macs (for which it had supply constraints).  Yet the stock sold off nearly 10% last night in after hour trading.”


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